Tolu Makey

Tolu is a born singer, she started singing from a very tender age. Her undying love and passion for music  is unfathomable. She ceased the opportunity to bringing her potential to limelight when she won the Ireland’s gospel talent competition 2016 themed Loud in Silence Season 3.

Tolu won the star prize of the competition which included €1000 cash prize, a single record deal, one year promotion and career advancement.

Guvno B who was the main guest artiste of the grand finale, witnessed the performance of Tolu; and during the live interview with her at the Spirit Radio, Guvno B confirmed that Tolu is a potential star that he possibly could feature in his production.

Since Tolu finished her one year promotion, she has been actively involved in progressing her musical career. Following the single record deal Tolu gained as part of her wining benefits, she has done a few more records, and has appeared on both radio  and news paper interview subsequently.

Following the completion of Tolu’s one year promotion, she joined to co-mentor the contestants of the following season. Her hard work paid off when one of her mentee, Tunmise Olaleye won the LIS Season 5.